3.75" Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Handcrafted Sound Bowl Set for Meditation in Savannah, Georgia



Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Handcrafted Sound Bowl Set for Meditation
Authentic and hand-crafted: Our skilled artisans hammer and shape each high quality Prajna singing bowl by using 100% pure brass. Each set is carefully inspected and tested to ensure the perfect sound quality. At 3.75" in diameter, its perfect size sits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and plays beautiful tones that rival much larger bowls.Melodious Dharmic vibes: Prayer bowls have been used for thousands of years to create an ambience for both calming and healing. These authentic Tibetan singing bowls are perfect for Reiki, yoga, meditation, chakra healing and so much more. No matter your desired purpose, you can count on pure, soothing sounds that will quell your stress, anxiety and enliven your spirit. The sound and vibrations promote a relaxed state perfect for deep meditation and creative thinking. Intricate designs: Our bowls are thoughtfully engraved and crafted in accordance with Buddhist traditions. Not only will you enjoy soul-soothing tones, these intricate designs are a beautiful décor accent to any space when not in use.

3-piece singing bowl set: Start your meditation practice with our complete singing bowl set. Each Prajna set includes an authentic, hand-made singing bowl, a coordinating silk cushion, and a leather wrapped wood striker. The double ended wooden striker made of high quality hardwood, lets you customize the sound of your singing bowl. The wooden end will offer a higher pitch sound, while the covered ends offers a more calming lower pitched sound. When not in use, the included embroidered donut cushion is the perfect resting place for your singing bowl. A perfect addition to your yoga props for either in home or studio use. Travel-friendly: Each set comes in a protective velvet bag, giving you everything you need to protect your set. Please always use the bag to ensure its original beauty when transporting your singing bowl. Perfectly sized for prayer, meditation, and travel, this set is the ideal companion for yoga retreats, meditation getaways, studio use or day trips to your favorite outdoor park.

Namaste! Our Prajna Tibetan singing bowls are a must-have if you’re seeking authentically made singing bowls that are as beautiful to the eye as they are soothing to the ears and soul. Every bowl is hand-made with premium brass in the techniques adhered to by traditional Tibetan craftsmen going back hundreds of years. Our singing bowls are beautifully inscribed with Tibetan and spiritually aligned imagery that will captivate your gaze. The timbre and tone our bowls exude when engaged will soothe your soul and awaken your spirit, making a must-have for Reiki, yoga, or adherents of Dharmic traditions. Beyond our beautiful Prajna singing bowls, each set comes complete with a wooden and leather striker, silk-sewn cushion and velvet storage bag to keep your bowl protected and preserved on your journey.
Prajna is proud to support your inner spiritual development by offering quality products to improve mindfulness, inner peace, harmony, and happiness.

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