Mahogany Two-Part Dining Table, Philadelphia, c.1830 in Savannah, Georgia


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A.W. Johnston & Co.

Mahogany Two-Part Dining Table, Philadelphia, c.1830

An American classical carved mahogany two part banquet or dining table, possibly Quervelle shop, Philadelphia, c.1830. Drop leaf swivel tops, cylindrical pedestals on plinth bases with carved acanthus and paw feet and casters.measurements of one table with leaf down: 45 inches wide by 23 ½ inches deep by 28 inches tallmeasurements of table fully extended:  90 ¾ inches wide by 23 ½ inches deep by 28 inches tallVery good condition.  Repairs to two feet.  Veneer repairs to base and repairs to cracks in leaf.  General wear and some staining to surface.Visit for more.instagram: @awjohnstonantiques
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Payment must be received within 4 days of the end of the auction.

Should you need more time please contact us.

This item will be shipped within 2 business days of completed payment.

We use FedEx Ground or USPS Priority for smaller items.

If you require expedited shipping please contact us and we'll be happy to accommodate.

International Buyers
We use eBay's Global Shipping Program for all international shipments.

Please contact us before purchasing if you have another method in mind and we will look into it.

Return Policy
We accept returns for 14 days from time of delivery.

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